The need of the hour is to take care of the elderly in the society who are not getting the attention they need not only from the family members but also from the society due to the rapid development and the busy schedules of the people at large. Unless something is done to these people, they get frustrated and lead a life of dejectio

The Rotary Community Service Trust, therefore, launched a massive project of constructing a "Home for the Senior Citizens" including old couples, called "Vanaprastha" to care the old citizens in the society. The response to this venture was also immense and the donations came from the local people as well as NRIs. The first to respond were Sri Paladugu Nageswara Das and his wife Smt. Ranganayakamma of Chinaogirala, a small village near Vuyyuru. They contributed Rs.15,00,000/- ($15,000) and procured 9.6 acres of land for "Vanaprastha".

Thus the project took initial support and never looked back. Dr. P. Chandra Mohan, former Chairman of the Trust, visited USA during 1995 and collected about Rs.20,00,000/- ($40,000) from NRIs through "TANA". After successfully crossing the initial hurdles, the Trust started the construction of building, in two phases, to give accommodation to about 100 senior citizens.

The first phase took a shape by 1999 and 12 senior citizens got admissions in the special rooms and shared rooms, 9 more are added to this number who are being cared very attentively.