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The Rotary Community Service Trust (RCST) is a committed service wing of Rotary and in line with the National Programme for Control of Blindness.  The Rotary Eye Hospital is tuned to conduct cataract surgeries in a massive scale.  The RCST is taking good care of eye problems / ailments for the past two decades and till 31/5/08 we have examined 15,30,963 patients and performed more than 1,44,465 surgeries and have been examing the children to safeguard their vision by conducting periodical check-ups of their schools and also training the Teachers to check the vision of students with a request to send defective vision students to our hospital for necessary correction/advice.


So far the Rotary Eye Hospital conducted 808 of school check-ups covering 1,19,864 children.  We are having 90 lakh people suffering with Avoidable Blindness in our part of the Country with no means to get proper treatment.  Though the Govt. and Social Organizations are doing their best to give them LIGHT, their efforts are not commensurate with the addition of Blind people year after year.


Unless the enlightened people like you understand the seriousness of the problem and come to rescue them from becoming burden to others, they are most likely to be a burden to the Society.


The RCST also needs support for its future expansion of the Hospital Out-patient & In-patient Wards and they would also name the rooms after the Donor.

  • Cost of construction for each Room $ US 10,000, (10 Rooms)     The above Room will be named after the Donor and the Donor will be entitled  for one free surgery every      
    year to whom he refers to the Hospital.
  • Two Operation Theatres (New) facility for Day Care Surgery.  Cost of construction & equipment                            
    $ US 50,000,  The Operation Theatre will be named after the Donor or Donors who will contribute for its construction.
  • Establishing 5 Satellite Centres in Remote places, each at a cost of $ US 5,000.

         The Common Donor can also sponsor a Satellite Eye Clinic.

As an Institution (Hospital) we want to add certain other facilities in our Hospital so that we need not refer poor patients for want of facilities to cities at enormous expenditure.  The detailed envisaged expenditure are furnished below.


Retina Surgical Equipment  
Eye Bank & Corneal Unit equipment   
Library equipment                              
Fundus Camera

Dollars Pounds
15,0000 7,500
10,000 5,000
5,000 2,500
35,000 17,500

The Hospital is known for its  High volume surgery and we give below the cost of a Cataract Surgery with IOL (in our place)

Minimum Expenditure for One Free Cataract Surgery  Expenditure for 10 Free Cataract Surgeries      

Dollars Pounds
25 12
250 120

Generous People or Organizations are requested to donate SIGHT to poor people suffering with avoidable blindness by donating any of the amounts indicated above.


Generous Philanthropists & Organizations may help for the above future expansions of our Organization (RCST) by becoming life patrons to the Trust.




$ US 15,000


$ US 10,000


$ US 5,000


$ US 1000

The above patrons will be entitled for Free service to the persons referred by them every year.

  Diamond Silver Gold

We seek whatever assistance is possible, and we will be indicating the Donors name conspicuously on the Room or on equipment.  The Donors Photo will be kept in the Room or Hospital.  Donations to our Trust are
exempt from Income Tax, under Sec 80 G of Indian IT Act.

You may address your queries/donations to our Website :  or secretary RCST


The Secretary
Rotary Community Service Trust, Rotary Eye Hospital
Vuyyuru – 521 165, A.P., INDIA, Email :