About Us

Vuyyuru is a small town in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India, inhabited by about 50,000 people, majority belonging to the agricultural community. The giant sugar factory, The K.C.P. Sugar And Industries Corporation Ltd. in this town, is the hub of the economic activity and serves about 20,000 cane growers in the surrounding villages.

The Rotary Club was chartered in Vuyyuru during 1974-75 and since then it did yeoman service to the ruralpopulation in the provision of protected drinking water supply, construction of High School Buildings, Rest sheds in High Schools, Construction of passenger Bus shelters, Milk collection centres, Panchayat (local body) buildings, Veterinary Hospitals, Sanitary Toilets, Cyclone shelters, Plantation of trees on both sides of the High Ways and on the interior rural roads, adoption of poor patients for treatment, providing artificial limbs, Tricycles and Hearing aids to the physically handicapped, organising immunisation camps for the benefit of the poor children and expectant mothers, Eye camps in the villages etc.

The services rendered by the Rotary Club of Vuyyuru as indicated above, were certainly beneficial to the rural community but the club thought of a permanent arrangement to deal with the innumerable problems of the rural population giving priority to Health and Living, with all the financial support received from the local philanthropists, Non Resident Indians, Rotary Clubs from abroad, and the KCP Ltd, the Rotary Club created a Trust called "The Rotary Community Service Trust".

The Blindness in the villages, both in young and old, is very much prevalent due to mal- nutrition or ignorance or lack of finance for the treatment. The organisation of Eye Camps now and then in the villages was found to be very inconvenient and therefore the 'Trust' thought of having a permanent solution to this problem and therefore started exploring the possibility of constructing an Eye Hospital at Vuyyuru. Meanwhile, the Rotary International announced an attractive scheme offering Rs.1,00,000/- ($2,000/-) to whoever construct a 20 bed Eye Hospital. The Charter President of the Rotary Club Rtn. E. Jagannatha Rao who also happened to be the General Manager of the KCP Ltd, a huge sugar factory in this area took very keen interest in the proposal and started collecting funds from the local philanthropists. The response was very encouraging. While the Rotarians were trying to construct an Eye Hospital, there was a proposal at to construct a Polio Rehabilitation Centre also with a donation of $10,000 from a NRI, Dr. K. Ramakrishna Reddy through the good offices of Rtn. Dr. P. Dwijendra Babu. Both the Hospitals were completed by 1988.

The foresight of Rtn. E. Jagannatha Rao in constructing the two Hospitals helped innumerable patients ailing with the Eye problems and crippled with Polio condemned to their plight. In this connection, we recall the help we received from Dr. Sobha Rani P of New who arranged funds to the Polio wing through the "Heart and Hand For The handicapped" USA. The Rotary Club of Leigh-On-Sea, UK and Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind for the Eye Hospital. Innumerable donors from local area and abroad came forward with their munificient contributions.

The incidence of Polio is almost eradicated in India thanks to the dedicated efforts put in by the Rotarians all over the world. It was therefore felt that there is no need to continue the Polio Rehabilitation Centre and closed it in 1998.